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Born in 1969 in Tokyo Japan.

Born in 1969 in Gunma Japan.


Launched "green" and started working as designers in 1998.
Presented their FW 2005 collection on the runway show and continued until SS 2009 collection.
In the same year, decided to take a leave from work for a while.
After 3 years of break, they resumed their work and renamed the brand to "HYKE" from FW 2013 collection.
The collaboration "MACKINTOSH × HYKE" with MACKINTOSH launched in FW 2014. Released worldwide.
(until FW 2016, for 5 seasons. Also released Men's collection for SS 2016 and FW 2016)
The collaboration "adidas Originals by HYKE" with adidas Originals launched in SS 2015. Released worldwide. (until FW 2016, for 4 seasons)
The collaboration "BEAUTIFUL SHOES × HYKE" with TOSHINOSUKE TAKEGAHARA BEAUTIFUL SHOES launched in SS 2017. (ongoing)
The collaboration "CHACOLI × HYKE”with CHACOLI launched in FW 2017. (ongoing)
The collaboration "THE NORTH FACE × HYKE" with THE NORTH FACE launched in SS 2018. (until FW 2019, for 4 seasons)
In November 2017, was awarded 35th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix.
In January 2018, released an album "#1" , which includes the music created for HYKE installations and videos.   iTunes   Amazon   Spotify
The collaboration "JULIUS TART OPTICAL × HYKE" with JULIUS TART OPTICAL launched in FW 2019.
The collaboration "adidas by HYKE" with adidas launched in SS 2020. (until FW 2020, for 2 seasons)
The collaboration with THREE "THREE x HYKE AIR PLANNING SCENT REVERSABILITY", a room fragrance made with natural essential oils, launched in March 2021.
The collaboration with Moncler Genius "4 Moncler HYKE" aunched in September 2021.
The collaboration with PORTER (yoshida & Co., ltd.) "PORTER × HYKE" launched in SS 2022.
The collaboration with Marbot "Marbot × HYKE" launched in FW 2022.
The collaboration with KEEN "KEEN × HYKE" launched in SS 2023.
The collaboration with THE NORTH FACE "TNFH THE NORTH FACE × HYKE" focusing on high-performance trail running gear is launching SS 2024.